Mars Mentorship Program Offers New Opportunities for Women in Global Emerging Markets
With only two females on a team of fifteen, the Global Emerging Markets [formally known as Asia-Australia, Middle East & Africa (AMEA)] leadership team realized they had to take action. 

To assess the challenges, the office commissioned a survey to ask what women needed to succeed. Several women voiced their opinions for more advice and support — and in response, the team launched this Mentorship Program in 2018. 

Now, not even a year later, the program redefines how women receive support on their leadership journey.

Monica Jain, Strategic Demand Director for Mars Wrigley in the Global Emerging Markets discovered the benefits of the program both for herself and for the business almost immediately. 

“Not only does fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion feel right, it’s just good for business,” Monica says. “Associates are more engaged, productive and loyal when they are in an environment where they can be themselves. Customers look for partners who are creative, collaborative and bring diversity of thought to the table. At the end of the day, a diverse and inclusive culture drives better business performance.” 

Monica is no stranger to leadership. She’s responsible for setting strategic direction for a cross-functional team overseeing the Demand functions in the Sales & Consumer Business Unit. The Global Emerging Markets is a fast-growing section of our business that covers 67 countries, five segments, two factories and over 600 associates. And she values the support she receives from the program. 

“Taking part in the Mentorship Program allows me to work with my mentor to tackle some of the common challenges facing female leaders,” she says. “Together, my mentor and I focus on transforming my own personal stories which underlie these challenges and turn them into an empowering base for building success.” 

“It’s not enough for our leaders to just believe in inclusion and diversity. We need to live it, and champion it every day. We need to role model the right behaviors, be innovative and courageous in challenging our own thinking, and continue to foster a safe and supportive environment where Associates are free to bring their whole self to work. We need to not only recognize our differences, but value that diversity.”

— Monica Jain, Strategic Demand Director for Mars Wrigley in Global Emerging Markets

Monica’s mentor, Tamer Kadry, is the Vice President of Service & Finance for the Global Emerging Markets, and choosing to mentor was easy for him.

“Unlocking people’s full potential is the biggest reward and my most fulfilling contribution as a leader,” he says.

But what about mentoring a woman? 

Tamer says he believes in diversity and values the contributions women in leadership roles provide. He is a big fan of women leaders as he’s been lucky enough to have great female line managers in his career. “My best bosses were women,” he says.

The program is designed to help the mentee, but Tamer finds huge value in it himself. He says it forces him to sit back and reflect on his own impact and leadership style. 

“Every question I ask is an opportunity to take my leadership impact to the next level,” he says. “The way Monica organizes and prepares for the sessions, she’s a role model to me. I use that now with the other people I mentor.” 

We’re inspired by #WomenOfMars who work to establish new ways to #BalanceforBetter, today to create more opportunities for our Associates, tomorrow. 

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