The world we want tomorrow, starts with how we do business today
Mars supports local & global initiatives in battle against COVID-19

It’s been little over a year since Mars launched its new global company purpose ‘The world we want tomorrow, starts with how we do business today’. Little did we know how true and necessary these words would sound in 2020. And how there’d be a need for a specific version of our purpose: ‘The world we want tomorrow is one in which our communities can thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic’. But sadly there is, and here’s how Mars is striving to turn it all into reality.

As a global company, Mars takes numerous initiatives that have a beneficial societal impact throughout the world. At the same time, the local branches are stimulated to implement initiatives that support the local community. In these first few weeks of the new COVID-19 reality, lots of things have been put into action already.

Local initiatives

The team of Mars Food Olen focused on supporting food distribution for people in need (pictured above). Loads of social support centers were forced to temporarily closed down, but the remaining ones desperately need support. So charity De Toevlucht (The Refuge), distributing meals in the Olen area, welcomed the donation of rice with arms wide open. The associates at the production site in Olen keep eyes and ears wide open for other possibilities. 

Mars Multisales Belgium gifted tons of chocolate during the Easter period to a variety of causes to thank staff for their relentless efforts and energy, and to keep the spirits high for everyone involved. These causes are mainly in and around Zaventem, where Mars’ main offices are located:

  • The Zaventem COVID-19 Crisis Center: including police forces, ambulance services, firemen and the supporting staff at the crisis center
  • De Zoekmand, the food packages distributing service of the Zaventem OCMW for people in need
  • The refugee center Fedasil
  • All four Zaventem senior citizens homes and assistant homes for the elderly
  • The staff of the University Hospital Gasthuisberg at Leuven, located near Zaventem

Local partnerships

Mars Multisales Belgium has a couple of partnerships with nationwide organizations. Some of them have spanned one or even two decades, some of them are brand new. But all of them will get attention and support in 2020 during and after these exceptional circumstances:

  • Blue Cross (a chain of shelters for pets Mars has been working with for over 10 years)
  • Dyadis (assistant dogs association with Mars is a founding partner for over 25 years)
  • Salvation army

Other partnerships are currently under review.

Global gifting

Mars Inc. is working on a number of global initiatives, but also supports (among others) the following organizations financially for a total well over 8 million dollars:

  • CARE, who provide critical supplies and expertise that are deployed in the developing world to women, children and refugee populations
  • The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) to aid in the transport and delivery of critical supplies for all United nations agencies as they respond to the pandemic
  • The Humane Society International (HIS) to help cats and dogs that have been abandoned, left behind or handed over to shelters due to their owners falling ill or no longer having the financial means to take care of them


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